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October/November 2000
Trekking - Annapurna Base Camp (Sanctuary)
Royal Chitwan National Park
Rafting - Bhote Kosi (grade 3 to 5)

Eric and I visited Nepal for a month in the fall of 2000. After informing ourselves on the possibilities through guidebooks (including the Lonely Planet guide, as all tourists in Nepal seem to do) and a variety of Internet pages, we made our own plans. We booked only the plane tickets from the Netherlands; all else was planned on the spot, usually one day in advance.
As those who know me can acknowledge, Iíve seen a lot of the world. As far as I can tell, Iíve always been honest in saying that every place has its good and bad points; itís nearly impossible to compare different areas of the world. But Nepal is among the best. The natural beauty, the cultural diversity, the entire atmosphere to the place, theyíre impossible to describe and must be tasted personally. Nepal is in a league of its own... go and see for yourself!

Practical Information If you are planning to visit Nepal anytime soon, check out this page for practical information. Short descriptions of where we went, what it was like, the agencies through which we booked our activities, what you should bring, etc. are given on this page.

If you know me and/or are interested in a more personal description of our trip (with a few photographs and excerpts from my diary), visit the following pages:

Arrival Kathmandu Kathmandu, October 10th - October 11th Trek Annapurna Base Camp Annapurna Base Camp trek, October 12th - October 28th
Chitwan Royal Chitwan National Park, October 29th - November 1st Rafting & Kathmandu Rafting Bhote Kosi, Kathmandu, November 2nd - November 7th
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